Grand Theft Auto

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Have you ever thought that your regular life or a law-loyal guy is boring and lacks emotions? Have you been dreaming of a bit thrill? Well, breaking the law and becoming a gangster might sound romantic and appealing when it happens in the digital environment. The realistic and rich universe of GTA will provide you with an experience you can never get in the real life – become a free gangster, able to do whatever you want to. The game allows you to get some cool machines and ride them – yes, they don’t belong to you, but this means nothing for a cool gangster, so you can take them! Also, you will get cash directly from a bank – successful robbery is something you can do.

The game allows you to work for bosses of the criminal gangs and they will give you tasks to accomplish. Your authority and perspectives will grow with every task you deal with and whenever you do that right, you receive gold and cash. Using this cash, you can buy whatever you want to make your movement around the city cooler and more convenient – for instance, you can get a new car and a gun. Try not to disappoint your bosses – they are counting on you! Also, you will have comrades and they will help you complete the missions. Remember that in this vicious city, these guys are your only friends – you can trust only your nearest people. Be careful and whenever you commit a crime, remember that you are always in danger. Not only other gangsters will try to fight with you, but also the police officers will chase you.

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