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Here comes the add-on for your GTA game – a cool San Andreas Multiplayer, where you can meet other gamers and enjoy the criminal adventures together. Share the environment of the darkest city on the world map and have fun together! This is a very popular modification of GTA – it is free and extremely entertaining. Here you can unite in teams with other fans of the series, cooperate with them, and compete in different missions. The idea is that the entire city of San Andreas is now inhabited by real people and this means that the story becomes truly unpredictable and engaging. You will create yourself a character, enter the arena, and take part in the furious gunfights and incredible stories of the criminal world.

So whenever you feel that your GTA experience needs some fresh air, you are welcome to start playing a collective game in this multiplayer. We bet that you will like tons of new content included here as well as the incredible freedom of action that allows you to do everything you want. The idea of the game is simple – the world of San Andreas is inhabited by criminals, drug dealers, thieves, robbers, and other people that are connected with crime. You are one of them. And, of course, there are two major ways to interact with other heroes – you fight with them or you unite into clans and complete missions as a one whole, supporting and protecting one another. You can play in a clan or gang as well as on your own – be a lonely wolf in this dangerous and hostile world of San Andreas. The multiplayer is available right here, on this page. You are welcome to launch the game at any time and dive deep into the sea of crime and toughness. Also, don’t forget to try other games from the series out – they are present in this section of our site. Of course, each of the games is free and available online. Entertain yourself and develop a career of a gangster!

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