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The games of the GTA series are unique because of their high degree of freedom – indeed, you can do whatever you want here. The game allows you to move freely, discover wide territories, and steal any car or other transport you see on the streets. Also, you are welcome to fight and even kill any person you meet. The game offers you numerous tasks and challenges to accomplish, while you are not obliged to stick to them. For example, you can work to get some money, search for the hidden objects, and even take part in the car racing for speed. Streets are all yours and you are welcome to become a king there. When the developers were working on this chapter, they did their best and included new features and game elements that are not present in the previous parts.

In the fourth part, the mechanics of martial fights and gun fights are different than they ever were – the creators have created the new system. You will discover a system of shelters and the characters can hide on the nearby spots – your enemies won’t be able to reach you and you can continue shooting from that places. The game allows you to aim automatically – you don’t really have to devote your time to that, instead you can enjoy the action and thrilling shooting. When you shoot your enemies in different parts of their bodies, you get different results and damage. You can kill them when you aim at their heads – one shot and they are dead. The game environment is highly interactive and this adds realism – whatever object you hit, there is a response. You have fifteen types of weapons at your disposal, so be welcome to choose the one that suits the current situation. If you want to fight with your fists on the short distance – no problem, but be aware that in this part of the game, the rules of hand fighting are more complicated than ever. There is a radar in the game and in this part you can enjoy newish features of this instrument. When the main character sits in the transport, the GPS system draws the way to the destination point. The main roads are included in the route. Also, there are parameters like direction and other ones that show the optimal way and work entirely like the real GPS. Enjoy realism!

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