GTA 10

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The tenth part of GTA series bring you to the huge and tough metropolis. You don’t have money in your pockets and you need them really hard. That is why, your first task is to get some cash. And your first mission as a criminal will be – get a banknote! You will have to steal a hundred dollars and the next mission will be assigned to you. To gather that sum, you should wander around the city streets and take the money from the walking people. They never expected that this sunny day will turn like that! Attack people and get their cash, then do that again and again until you receive a desired sum.

When you will finally do what you had to do – receive a hundred of dollars – the Mafioso clan representatives will notice you. They believe that your skills, craziness, and courage are the traits they need. These guys will invite you to join the family and you will agree, of course. Such a nice leap in your career – from a small thief to a real gangster! Nobody would refuse. The Mafioso guys will hire you and give you tasks. From the easiest and clearest ones to complicated and extremely dangerous missions, you will take part in the striking events. You will have to do different criminal stuff – stealing cars, transporting goods, and more. Each time, you should be careful and mind numerous factors that can ruin your plans and influence the outcome of your actions. When you complete the tasks successfully, boss will give you some money rewards. Using that cash, you are welcome to equip yourself, buy new weapons, get cool cars, and more. With the help of these items, you will have a chance to complete more advanced missions and make your way to the highest heights of the criminal ladder.
Task by task, you will grow in the eyes of your bosses – try not to disappoint them and complete the missions carefully and smartly. Each time, you will face serious missions and each new one will more challenging than all the previous ones – your bosses want to be sure that you are really worth of their trust and attention. The tasks will be complicated and you will have to work hard if you want to survive. Sometimes, the gunfire will be so near to your head that you will shiver from fear and the death will breathe into your back with ice-cold wind. Be ready for everything and complete your tasks perfectly if you want to win their appreciation and become a more advanced gangster. Make your way to the top of the ladder and enjoy power and cash!

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