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This is Los Santos, the most merciless city on earth! When people appear here, the jaws of the city crush them into pieces. However, when they are crazy enough like the characters of this game, there is a chance that they can survive and even achieve something worthy. A young thief, serious burglar proficient in bank robbing, and real madman unite in a team and start working together with the most uncontrollable elements of the criminal world, government, and the industry of entertainment. The schemes and complications, tasks and missions, conflicts with influential people and organizations, gunfights, car racing, and other events and dangers are waiting for you here. You will have to work hard to complete series of successful tasks connected with robbery and murders. The game will give you missions and tasks of different types and you will have to deal with them but only if you want to. In case you would like to follow your own plot and write your own story – do that! The process of playing is absolutely not restricted to the general central line of the plot and you are welcome to make decisions considering situations that happen around.

This part of the game has numerous improvements and additions, so you are welcome to start playing right now and enjoy them all. We have prepared an unblocked version of the game for free, so you can launch it on your computer or laptop at any time you want and enjoy the online playing session. The game is unlimited and unblocked – all the features, locations, and characters are available and at your service. You can launch it at any moment you want and the world of endless racing, bank robbery, gangster deeds, and crimes will open up widely. Enter the game now, start your journey, and try to become a successful criminal! Good luck in Los Santos!

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