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This GTA game will bring you to the 1992, where you will visit the most criminal area of America – San Andreas. You will play for the main hero called Carl, he is a young Afro-American guy. He comes back to this place after the death of his friend that happened five years ago. His mom has also died and he came back to the city for her funeral. Representatives of the opposing criminal gang killed her. You play the role of this guy and visit the city that welcomes you pretty toughly – the officers appear right next to you and say that you are guilty for murder. What a surprise, you think. You are blamed in the death of the officer, but you have never saw him. There is nothing you can say in turn, since they have already prepared all the fake documents that make you really a part of the crime. So you decide that you have nothing to lose. The funerals of your mother will happen too soon, you are broken and depressed, but the extremal life of San Andreas won’t leave you in that conditions – the crazy streams will carry you intensively from the very first moments of the playing process.

From that moment, you become a real criminal and start a career of a Mafioso. In the game, you will collide with the other gangs that already rule these districts. The idea is that you will have to deal with them in a serious and pretty bloody way. Fight, win the authority with blood, make people believe that you are the best representative of the gang and they will acknowledge you as a leader. You have comrades and they will help you in the criminal missions you have to accomplish. However, there are more ways to play the game and they are nearly endless – the plot doesn’t force you to follow a particular story. Whether you want to implement the original narration or not – you will have fun for sure, since GTA is a large open world with numerous interactive options and elements. Enjoy the richness of the city, steal cars, fight with your rivals, and establish your authority among the most dangerous people in the history of the USA. There is a place for action, drama, comedy, and everything else you can imagine here. The diversity of possible decisions and therefore – outcomes – is striking, so we bet that you will have a really good time playing the game. By the way, don’t forget that we have more chapters of the GTA series and all of them are available on this website, nearly in this section, absolutely free. You can launch them online and play alone or with your buddies at any time. Enjoy and make your gangster ambitions come true!

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