GTA 5 Online

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The fifth part of GTA is now available online and for free! The mechanics of this part are the same as you know them from the previous ones, but not they are better than ever. This is especially true when you drive the cars – they are improved and now use more complicated physics. This chapter is rather the driving and racing game. Developers’ attention was focused on machines. The controlling system feels comfortable, so if riding was your favorite aspect in the series, we bet that this chapter will impress you. When it comes to guns, behold – these are improved as well. Check new small and large weapons that have various characteristics. Read on and find more unique features to discuss!

Three main protagonists will meet you in the game. And you can choose a hero to control. When you pick a particular hero, the others don’t disappear anywhere – they continue enjoying habitual living filled with regular things to do. The improvements of this part make the playing process smoother then ever – bugs & lags are fixed now, so you can enjoy simple and convenient gameplay with no frustration. What is more, enjoy exclusive new element that puts camera right into the consciousness of a hero. Cars now are new and have very realistic and detailed interiors – truly original. All of them vary and each is not the same as all the rest.
You will be glad to know – developers included new actions. These are tennis, parachutes, golf, gymnastics, & more. There also events that happen in process – you can find them on the random spots around the city. Now you can show a middle finger to those people you don’t like – the fights and quarrels will become even more engaging. The reactions of your opponents and people you talk to will vary considering your words. Also, if you like travelling around the huge world of GTA, enjoy the bigger map and more diverse locations added to this new version. To travel like a real tough guy, you have an enormous car selection – new cool vehicles are present in a title. Not only there are vehicles city roads, also helicopters, boats, bikes, & more. You can use airplanes to get high and submarines to dive deep. Try the game now & enjoy newish features!

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