GTA Vice City

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Welcome to Vice City, the fictional place on the map that will remind you of Miami. This region is hot in all senses – the sun is merciless here, while the city life is energetic and filled with dangers and crimes. It is not easy to live in Vice City, especially if you don’t take a high place in the hierarchy of criminal gangs. You know that for sure and that is why, your way of a gangster has perspectives. The city of the game is amazing and it mocks the real-life place, including people, their speech, transport, clothes, and everything else that makes it fabric to colorful and a bit crazy.

Unlike urbanistic Liberty City you have seen in the third part of the series, Vice City is a clean, bright, and beautiful place that looks really prosperous and attractive. There are beautiful beaches here, huge palm trees that swing on the wind, and bright sun. Of course, this is how the surface and the central part of the city looks like. You will also see the distanced areas where there are abandoned buildings, creepy districts, and everything you can see at such places. This makes the Vice City look even more realistic and interesting.
The plot of the game is a prequel for the previous part, considering the time frames of the events. However, only the years suggest that this game is a prequel, because there are no plot connections here – this is not a continuation of the story, but a brand new narration. By the way, talking about the plot, you will play for a guy called Tommy. He came here from a jail in Liberty City. After fifteen long years of imprisonment, Tommy needs to get back the trust of Mafioso family and his boss. He makes his way to the Vice City in order to make a deal with drug sellers. The deal will happen in the docs, where Tommy, his comrade Ken, and their helpers make their way. However, the plan ruins and people in masks start a gunfight. The protagonist stays alive by a lucky chance and he visits the boss to tell him everything about the event. Now they want to punish the drug sellers and get their money. This is how the story begins – jump in!

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