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The action adventure game where the elements of shooter and driving simulator mix into a perfect cocktail. And all of these thrilling events happen in a large and rich environment – open for your investigations and adventures. Travel around the GTA universe in your cool car, do your nasty deeds as a tough guy and a real gangster, have fun in gunfights, and rob banks! Also, you will have a chance to steal a new car and be even cooler. This is the third part of the game and it develops the narration from the previous chapter – you will have to break the law and complete missions given to you by different characters of the game. They are your bosses and leaders of criminal organizations. Also, you can get additional quests from side characters, especially when you appear in the distant distracts of the city that are not under jurisdiction of your current bosses. Of you get to a particular place or sit in a concrete car, you might interact with other heroes. You cannot take new missions until you are done with the previous one.

If you are not in a car, you can walk, jump, and use the weapons. You can also fight with your fists and dive into the water or control a plane/helicopter. The open world of the game allows you to move around freely and choose what you want to do on your own – there are no restrictions and you are the one who decides your destiny and writes your own story. To open new districts and items, you still have to complete the tasks offered by the game. And remember that when you commit crimes, the police notice you and you risk to get caught and appear in a jail.

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