GTA 2020

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One of the most successful and popular game franchises in the world definitely is GTA. This is a great full-fledged world where gamers are welcome to have fun in any way they want. The environment is rich for amazing interactive elements, lively characters, and impressive missions to accomplish. The general line of the game is based on the criminal story of a young man and his gang. When he comes back to the city of his youth, he finds out that everything has changed a lot. All of his buddies were included into the world of crime and some of them died, while the others joined the gangs. The city is now a real heart of crime and to survive and become influential here, one has to follow the certain rules of the game. The rules are: be strong, attentive, and brave in your decisions. Rob the banks wisely, become a great gun fighter, ride the car like a monster and prove that you are worthy of being the king of San Andreas.

The freshest chapter of the game will place you in front of numerous new missions, including those connected with bank robbery, drug dealing, gun fights, street racing, mafia, and more. You will take part in numerous missions trying to become an authoritative gangster. Make your comrades respect you and be the head of the clan, move further, grow, and take the place of the leader if you can. You can follow the path of the gangster and make your way to the top, completing the game missions and doing your best to meet the plot. Also, there are other options – you can take any role you want, write your own story, and enjoy any type of narration. The game is open and you are free to act any way you want. The environment is never-ending – the city is so large and wide that you can go anywhere. Have fun in the game and do everything you want as a gangster. Street wars and underground gangs are waiting for you.
No need to wait for a new part to appear anywhere on the web. You have already found the best place to play it! The game is free to play online – you can launch it right here and right now and immerse into the world of crime and chaos. Millions of other gamers are already playing this masterpiece and you are welcome to join them right now. By the way, you can meet them online on the server – the is a multiplayer version of the game available here. You can compete with them or become one team if you want to – the lively action is guaranteed. Create gangs, unite, challenge other gangsters, and become the stellar gangster. Do your best to gain the highest title and become the most influential gangster ever.

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