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Numerous fans of GTA were waiting for this amazing event to happen. This time, the game will send you to a brand new place where you have never been before – this is Vice City, the bright and shiny location, where stars of the show business and criminals share the same environment and their worlds overlap. This chapter of the game is as great as the previous ones, only now you are welcome to test a brand new online regime along with other gamers – everything is available online in the multiplayer version where you can choose the style to follow.

As you may remember from the previous chapters, the GTA world is packed with crime and danger. The strongest and most influential gangsters are on the top of the hierarchy here, while all the others have small chances to stay alive. You will become one of the participants in the endless fight for power and authority and hopefully this will end positively for you. When you arrive at Vice City, you and your comrades start gangster fights, do robberies, and steal cars to ride and sell. You are the tornado in this city, but unfortunately – not the only one. The other gangs are also here and they are not pretty sure that you deserve being the leading gang. Will you prove that? To do so, you and your buddies will have to show their best skills in striking, shooting, racing, and killing people. Don’t be afraid to see your hands covered with blood. The world of Vice City is tough and you will have to become another person if you want to live here and what is more – to become an authoritative leader.
The game encourages you to take part in the endless gang fights where you will have to prove that you are a worthy boss. There is a number of characters you can switch among and this allows you to pass the missions using the skills and special abilities of various heroes with their own set of skills. The game allows you to change the main hero whenever you want to, whether between the missions or even during one of them. The robberies and gunfights are waiting for you all the time, but following a strict particular plot where you have to deal with certain missions without changing the direction is not obligatory. You are welcome to do everything because the world of the game as well as the plot are open and free for your creative decisions. Do your best and have fun in the freshest GTA adventure! The game is available for free on this website – open it now and enjoy the criminal world of Vice City.

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