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The hit of the game history – GTA 5 – is a title available for different platforms. We bet that all gamers, no matter which genre they prefer, will definitely like it. If you have never played it before, well, you need to start right now, because chances are that you are losing the most legendary game of all times. Here you will find yourself in the open world – wide, rich for content, and highly-interactive. The idea is pretty interesting – you are a guy, willing to start your career as a criminal leader. From the very beginning, you don’t have too much authority, but with your actions and successful missions, you will have a chance to become a head of the clan and make the entire city shiver from fear when they hear your name.

The events of the game take place in the fiction city in the imaginary region called San Andreas. This place has a fame of the most dangerous and criminal place on the map of America. The prototype of this region is South California, which means that hot sun and sand are waiting for you. The plot is centered around the destiny of three thieves that are willing to become more authoritative. They started with small deeds, grabbing stuff from people. Now, they decide to become more influential and as such – richer. The guys have aims to robber banks and huge organizations. In the process of the game, you control one of them in the first-person regime. The character can move around the city freely, visiting any part of it easily. You can drive cars that you steal or even walk on foot – everything depends on your preferences. Also, you are welcome to switch among the characters and choose another when right in the process of the game. When you complete a mission, you are welcome to change the character right in the middle of the process – this feature was not available in the previous parts of the game. Most of your tasks will be connected with bank robbing and car stealing and the main character can take part in gun fights and chases. In addition to the traditional playing regime, there is also a multiplayer one – you can join the server with 30 more players and complete numerous cooperative or competitive missions.
The fifth part of GTA is the largest and most ambitious project of the Rockstar Studio. The richness of content cannot be doubted – you are welcome to enjoy numerous new gameplay elements, missions, and cool tasks to accomplish. The game has a unique format that allows you to choose the playing style you like – be it a cooperative/competitive regime with other players online; story mode where you have to deal with the missions proposed by the game; or your own creative and free way of playing. Whether you want to follow the existing plot or make up a highly-individualized story with the game characters, you can do anything you want in such a great game as GTA 5!

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