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Unlike all the other parts of GTA, this one depicts the events of the future regarding the year of the game launch. The game will bring you to a place called Anywhere City – mysterious and strange. This is an abstract city and it doesn’t have a concrete prototype, but rather a combination of different cities of the world mixed in one. Some players claim that this is New York because it was shown in the trailer of the game. The game style becomes more aesthetic and neat – there are both high-tech cyberpunk cars as well as the old-school vehicles. The city called Anywhere consists of three districts or layers. It is Downtown area where the casinos, institutions, and hotels take place. Residential District – the large place where the city jail is located, trailer park and the club Elvis are situated. What is more, there is a huge hydro-station here and a research center. The Industrial District is the last zone – here you will find a large port, meet factory, and Krishna’s shrine.

In this game, you will find yourself in the open and wide amazing world of GTA! If you have already played more modern and fresh chapters of the game, this one will bring a new experience of the old-school riding, robbing, and being a real criminal. Check out the pre-history of GTA, find out more about the mysterious city Anywhere, and find out what classical features were included in the very first chapters. All fans with definitely enjoy this game – it is really cool and bright, so get in the process now and have fun while you play! The hottest and brightest crime-game is at your disposal!

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